06/25/2024, 14:27 Time
Paul J Babu D

"Educate, Agitate, Organize For Societal Advancement"

Maha Jnana Samajam

USPA NEWS - "Educate, agitate, organize": This powerful mantra underscores the path to social reform and empowerment. Educa...

06/17/2024, 14:52 Time
Paul J Babu D

YS Jagan To Inspire Confidence In YSRCP Cadre

Key Meeting On June 19

USPA NEWS - YS Jagan plans to provide clear directives and key suggestions to guide the party's actions moving forward....

06/16/2024, 21:42 Time
Jose A. Martin

Spanish Civil Guard and FBI dismantle the largest jihadist propaganda structure

Coordinated operation from EUROPOL

USPA NEWS - The Spanish Civil Guard and the FBI have dismantled the largest online propaganda dissemination structure that ...

06/13/2024, 08:24 Time
Aurangzeb Akbar

Nation's Democracy, a Shared Responsibility - IHRC

This fight is a shared responsibility

USPA NEWS - Nation's Democracy, a Shared Responsibility - IHRC International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) extends its...

06/06/2024, 14:40 Time
Rita Gaal

Premier with RFK Jr. and panel discussion

Recovering America

USPA NEWS - Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will premier “Recovering America” on June 15 in Al...

06/02/2024, 09:37 Time
Brian Teepell

Abby Brewer Volunteer Firefighter Of The Year ,2024

First Responder Series, Part 1

USPA NEWS - The dictionary defined a first responder as an officially mandated person with specialized training who arrives...

05/24/2024, 16:54 Time
Ricardo De Melo Matos

The Erosion of Journalistic Integrity in the United States

Corporate Power is Affecting the Quality

USPA NEWS - In recent years, the increasing influence of corporations within the United States has significantly impacted t...

05/18/2024, 23:47 Time
Ricardo De Melo Matos

Have You Heard About Gang Stalking? Make Sure You Aren't a Victim

Watch our tik-tok videos for more info

USPA NEWS - Have you ever felt like you were being followed—not just in a paranoid sense, but genuinely being followed? L...

05/18/2024, 12:03 Time
Aurangzeb Akbar

Multi-Millionaire Pakistani Consortium Seeking Urgent Meeting


USPA NEWS - Multi-Millionaire Pakistani Consortium Seeking Urgent Meeting with Army Chief to Save PIA A consortium of mult...

04/29/2024, 12:07 Time
Aurangzeb Akbar

Prof. h.c. Rafal Marcin Wasik currently holds the esteemed position of

General Secretary at the TIO (IHRC)

USPA NEWS - Prof. h.c. Rafal Marcin Wasik currently holds the esteemed position of General Secretary at the Transnational I...

04/08/2024, 14:50 Time
Paul J Babu D

Scientific Enquiry For Social Transformation

Promoting democratic values

USPA NEWS - In a world influenced by personal biases and limited visions, embracing a democratic ideology is crucial. Anti-...

04/07/2024, 08:48 Time
Roberto Magni By Foto ReD Photographic Agency

Korean Air finalises order for 33 A350s

Korean Air

USPA NEWS - Korean Air is one of the leading airlines in Asia and one of the largest in the world. Founded in 1962, the com...

04/06/2024, 11:48 Time
Paul J Babu D

Symbolic Shifts Or Substantive Changes?

Illusion of political transformation

USPA NEWS - Independence is not about political rhetoric, but about pursuing justice and equality. Pingali Venkaiah and Dr...

04/04/2024, 16:45 Time
Paul J Babu D

Support BSP For The Sake Of Future Generations

MLA Candidate Kandru Venkatesh

USPA NEWS - 'TDP and YCP engage in vote-buying tactics with money' 'Empowerment should be extended to the oppressed' ...

04/02/2024, 11:55 Time
Paul J Babu D

International Committee To Review Elections In India

Five Members To Lead

USPA NEWS - First-ever five-member international committee to review elections in independent India A five-member intern...

03/20/2024, 10:07 Time
Aurangzeb Akbar

Universal Peace Federation (UPF): 19 March 2024 speech by Keith Best

International Women's Day London UK

USPA NEWS - Women in politics have been woefully under-represented in the UK and elsewhere throughout history but those who...

03/17/2024, 11:31 Time
Aurangzeb Akbar / Lt.Gen.Abdul Qayyum

It became necessary to reach the ambush sites of anti-human elements

20 thousand martyrdoms for the Country

USPA NEWS - The entire Pakistani nation of 400,000 ex- servicemen and 240 million people condemned today the martyrdom of...

03/12/2024, 11:47 Time
Aurangzeb Akbar

UPF Austria celebrates World Interfaith Harmony Week at the UN

Building a Peace Narrative

USPA NEWS - UPF Austria celebrates World Interfaith Harmony Week at the UN UPF Austria launched its annual conference en...

02/14/2024, 20:26 Time
Brian Teepell

Red Arrows Will Perform At 14 Wing CFB Greenwood

August 24th & 25th, 2024

USPA NEWS - The Red Arrows are the aerobatic Squadron of the Royal Air Force. Nicknamed the "Reds", the team consists of 9...

02/12/2024, 14:44 Time
Paul J Babu D

Education Minister Releases DSC Notification

6,100 Teaching Posts

USPA NEWS - Applicants have time until February 21 for fee payment and until February 22 to submit their applications. Hall...




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